Sunday, June 8, 2008

Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged Me

As I'm writing this I'm sitting here watching Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. Mike Myers never ceases to amaze me with his unique accents and mannerisms. He play several roles in this film:

-Austin Powers
-Dr. Evil
-Fat Bast*rd

This is the film where he's in bed about to get busy with someone and realizes he's lost his mojo. As a result he ends up going back in time to retrieve it. However this is confusing since he's got to travel back in time to get something he only recently realized he's missing although until that moment his mojo was working just fine. This is explained by having the Michael York character tell Austin not to worry about the details. He then looks at the camera and tells the audience the same. Classic.

Austin Powers is now doing a dance that will in later years be reminiscent of a dance Mike Meyers does in The Cat and The Hat.

Unlike the first film, Austin's partner in this movie is Heather Graham. The on-camera chemistry between she and Mike Myers isn't as good as what we saw with Elizabeth Hurley in the first film though. I think Heather's performance is somewhat stilted.

Oh, one of the funniest scenes just occurred. A female assassin just approached Austin Powers to proposition him. He then uses her as a human shield to prevent himself from being killed. During the scene Austin tells an adult joke about "swallows or spits" but I won't repeat it here.

The scene playing out now is one of my favorites:

Austin Powers: Who sent you?
Will Ferrell: I don't know.
Austin Powers: Who sent you?
Will Ferrell: why would they tell a low level assassin like me?
Austin Powers: Who sent you?
Will Ferrell: damn. Three times. I was sent by Dr. Evil
Heather Graham: Why did you answer?
Will Ferrell: I can't stand to be asked the same question 3 times, it just irritates me.

Austin: where is Dr. Evil's secret volcano layer?
Will Ferrell: spits on Austin's shoes
Austin: do I really have to ask you 2 more times?
Will Ferrell: you'll have to kill me to get the answer.
Austin: okay, where is Dr. Evil's secret volcano layer?
Will Ferrell: you'll have to torture me if you want the answer.
Heather: ah ha! We asked 3 times, you have to answer the question.
Will Ferrell: no, that's not true. You asked me "where is Dr. Evil's secret volcano" and you then asked if you had to ask 3 more times. So, that was the first question in a new line of questioning and won't count in the next line of questions.

The words aren't verbatim, but you get the general idea. It's giving me a migraine - I need to visit Migraine Symptoms Guide.

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